Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharing our experience, strength and hope.

Food can be grown almost anywhere yet millions are starving. Oil is in abundance yet prices soar. To quote Parker Palmer, “What is truly remarkable about the human animal is not that we take physical abundance and turn it into scarcity (or demand an exorbitant  price for it) but that we do the same with the infinite gifts of the Spirit.”

It is one thing to overvalue diamonds or under supply tomatoes. Yet how often in our relationships with God and others do we act as if the Spirit’s stores of love, affection, trust and compassion were limited. Why do we hold back; afraid if others get too much of it, there won’t be enough left for me?

We in recovery often hear we have been given an abundance of love, “much more than we deserve.”  We also know that by sharing our experience, strength and hope that we receive much more in peace and serenity in out lives.

It simply comes down to “we have to give it away, in order to keep it.” The more freely we share the more we get in return.
We in recovery have been invited to a King’s banquet yet we stop at the first Hors d'oeuvres table, satisfy our own appetite with finger food, sometimes hesitant and afraid to enter into the main dinning hall to sit at the King’s table and share the feast with others.